China manufacturer 3in1 Integrated with Pmsm+Gearbox+Inverter E-Powertrain CZPT Power 70kw for SUV Segment cycloidal gearbox

Product Description

E-Drive System For Electric Vehicles, P70-165HP

Product Description

Permenent magent sychronous motor + gear box + controller
– Integrated by PMSM, GEAR BOX and Controller, 3in1 system.
– Max efficiency can achive to 96%
– with low NVH and strong climbing ability
– Concise electric structure and beautiful appearance
– The rotor adopts the cross poles process, the cogging torque is ≤ 0.35N.m, the torque ripple is ≤ 2.5%, contributed to low NVH.
– Insoluation rated IP67
– Die-casting aluminium housing, water cooling channel is built inside.
– high energy density, 2.54KW/KG 
– Net weight: 53kg
– Gear ratio : 10.5:1

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Product Parameters

Motor model: P70-165HP
Battery voltage: 336 VDC Peak power: 70  KW
Rated voltage: 238  VAC Peak current: 255 A
Rated current: 160  A Peak torque: 165 N.m
Rated power: 30 KW Peak speed: 13000  r/min
Rated speed: 4050  r/min Maximum efficiency: 96%
Rated torque: 70.7  N.m Polar number: 4
Cooling mode: Liquid cooling Working system: S9
Insulation class: H Protection level: IP67



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Company Profile

Xihu (West Lake) Dis. Power has a high-quality technical R&D team of more than 120 people,has capability to  independently developed electric vehicle powertrains, permanent magnet synchronous motors, AC asynchronous motors, permanent magnet synchronous controllers, AC asynchronous controllers and other products, serving electric passenger cars, electric logistics vehicles, electric buses, electric minibuses, New energy vehicle industries such as electric forklifts, electric engineering vehicles, and electric logistics vehicles. Xihu (West Lake) Dis. Power has mastered the core technologies of electric vehicle motors, controllers, reducers and powertrains, established the ZheJiang Engineering Technology R&D Center, and listed the ZheJiang Provincial Key Laboratory, with more than 120 sets of experimental benches and experimental equipment. Design and development, performance verification, durability test, IP67 waterproof and dustproof test, mechanical vibration test, mechanical shock test, and full working conditions NVH experiment, high and low temperature cyclic impact experiment, high and low temperature loading operation experiment and other product design verification and testing capabilities.
Xihu (West Lake) Dis. Power has built an electric vehicle powertrain automated assembly workshop, an electric motor automated assembly workshop, a controller CHINAMFG automatic placement workshop, an automated winding and embedding workshop, a casting processing center, an online spraying center, a complete machine performance digital inspection center, and Created a zero-defect quality assurance system to provide customers with perfect products and high-quality services. Xihu (West Lake) Dis. Power has obtained the automotive industry IATF16949:2016 quality management system certification, ISO9001:2015 quality management system certification, ISO14001:2015 environmental management system certification, ISO45001:2018 occupational health and safety management system certification, EU product safety CE certification, and U.S. product safety Performance UL certification, Korean electrical product safety KC certification, etc.
In terms of application in the electric vehicle market, the company’s products are used in electric vehicles such as Fiat, Xiaopeng, BAIC, Geely, BYD, Changan, Xihu (West Lake) Dis.feng, Xihu (West Lake) Dis., Haima, Zotye, GM, King Long, Xihu (West Lake) Dis., Foton, Great Wall, Weimar and other electric vehicles. It has been successfully applied and has been among the best in market share for many years. The company’s products sell well all over the country, and are exported to Europe, America, India, the Middle East, Africa and Southeast Asia.


1, Can you provide motor controller / inverter which is compatable with your motor?
Answer: Yes, we produce controller / inverter also.

2, Dose the HV connector & power come with the motor ?
Answer: we can provide UVW power cables and + – power cable from battery end to controller end.

3, Do you accept customized or OEM , ODM ?
Answer : we accept customiz , OEM and ODM, you can provide us your development plan and specific projects schedual we will evaluate and discuss with you.

4, Can you provide the convert kit or all accessories of EV such as battery, throttles , display, ect ? 
Answer: The assesories is not in our products range, but if you really need to,  we will try to sourcing for you. 

5, What type support will be provided by Xihu (West Lake) Dis. Power for Calibration and Tuning for Motor as per vehicle  requirements.
Answer: We will provide the CAN BOX+OBD harness , host computer sofware ( for free but not opened source) for tunning controller.
you provide us the CAN COMMUNICATION MATRIX and controll logic of vehicle, we will program firmware accordinly.

Contact for more information:
Sailor zhao(Mr.)


Application: Car
Operating Speed: High Speed
Operation Mode: Electric Motor
Magnetic Structure: Permanent Magnet
Function: Driving
Structure: Rotating Armature Type (Pole Fixed)
US$ 1500/Piece
1 Piece(Min.Order)

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Different Types of Gearboxes and Their Applications

There are several types of gearboxes, each designed for specific applications based on their characteristics and capabilities. Here are some common types and their applications:

  • Spur Gearbox: Spur gearboxes consist of parallel-shaft gears with straight teeth. They are simple and economical, suitable for low-speed and low-torque applications such as conveyors, machine tools, and clocks.
  • Helical Gearbox: Helical gearboxes have helical teeth that provide smoother and quieter operation compared to spur gears. They are used in various industries, including automotive, construction, and mining equipment.
  • Bevel Gearbox: Bevel gearboxes transmit power between non-parallel shafts. They are commonly used in vehicles, marine applications, and heavy machinery where changing the direction of motion is necessary.
  • Planetary Gearbox: Planetary gearboxes offer high torque density and compact size. They are used in robotics, automation, and precision machinery due to their efficiency and versatility.
  • Worm Gearbox: Worm gearboxes have a worm screw meshing with a gear wheel. They provide high reduction ratios and are used in applications like conveyor systems, elevators, and packaging equipment.
  • Cycloidal Gearbox: Cycloidal gearboxes use cams and pins for motion transmission, making them highly durable and shock-resistant. They find use in industrial machinery and robotics.
  • Spiral Bevel Gearbox: Spiral bevel gearboxes combine the advantages of bevel and helical gears, providing high efficiency and smooth operation. They are employed in vehicles, aircraft, and machine tools.

Each type of gearbox offers specific advantages suited to its application, enabling efficient power transmission and control in various industries.

China manufacturer 3in1 Integrated with Pmsm+Gearbox+Inverter E-Powertrain CZPT Power 70kw for SUV Segment   cycloidal gearbox	China manufacturer 3in1 Integrated with Pmsm+Gearbox+Inverter E-Powertrain CZPT Power 70kw for SUV Segment   cycloidal gearbox
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