China manufacturer Excavator Swing Reducer E320c E320d Excavator Slewing Swing Reduction Swing Gearbox comer gearbox

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1. We are the factory located in HangZhou, China.
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3. Quick response within 24 hours.
4. Small order allowed.
5. Original packing, neutral packing or customized packing.
6. Our price is very competitive compared with other suppliers.
7. If you only can supply the part No.  No problem, just send thepart no.  to me, I will give you the right product.  We have a good system about part No.
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Excavator Swing Reducer E320C E320D Excavator Slewing Swing  Reduction Swing Gearbox

Model: E320C Category: Swing Gearbox
Brand: Xihu (West Lake) Place of Origin: HangZhou, China
Condition: New Warranty: 3 months
MOQ: 1 pcs Production Capacity: 1000pcs /Month
Standard or Nonstandard: Standard Payment Term:  L/C,T/T, Western Union, Tradeassurance
Delivery Time: 1-7 days (depend on order) Means of Transport: By Sea, Air or DHL/FEDEX/TNT/EMS
Guarantee:  We will check the swing motor assembly and send detail pictures to buyer to confirm before shipping. 

We Can Provide SWING MOTOR 

SG571 SH60 /SK60/E70B/307
SG04 HD400/450SEV CAT311/312
MFC65 SH100/120 SK100-2/3
SG08 CAT200B/SH200/HD700/820
M2X96 EX200-2 EX220-2
M2X120 EX200-3 E320L/B SK200-6
M2X146 EX200-5 EX220-5 SK230-6
M2X150/170 EX200-1 SK200-1/3 SK07-N2
M2X210 EX270/280/300-1 HD1250 
M5X130 ZAX200/210  CAT320C SK200-8
M5X180 ZAX330/360  HD1430
M2X63 R130/150 SK60-1
KMF90 PC200-3/5 PC220-3/5
KMF160 PC300-3/5 PC400-3/5
MX173 EX200-1/220-1(OLD)
M5X150 CAT300B

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More Excavator Models We Can Provide 

CATERPILLA R E55/E55B E70/E70B E110/E110B E120/E120B E180
E215 E225DLC E235 E240 E300B
E307 E306 E305 E311/E312 E320/E200B
E322 E324 E325 E330 E339
E345 E349 E450    
HITACHI EX30 EX40 EX55 EX60-1-2-3-5 EX70
EX100-1-3 EX120-1-3-5 EX150 EX200-1-2-3-5-8 EX220
EX230 EX270 EX300-1-2-3-5-6 EX400-1-2-3-5 EX600
UH043 UH052 UH053 UH07 UH081
UH082 UH083 ZAXIS 60 ZAXIS 200-3-6 ZAXIS 240
ZAXIS 110 ZAXIS 120      
KATO HD80 HD140 HD250 HD400(HD450) HD550
HD700(HD770) HD820(HD850) HD880 HD900 HD1571
HD1220 HD1250 HD1430 HD2053  
SUMITOMO SH60 SH70 SH100 SH120 SH200
SH210 SH220 SH280 SH300 SH320
SH350 SH360 SH400 SH450 SH460
LS2800FJ S340 S430    
KOBELCO SK60 SK70 SK75 SK07-N2 SK07/2/7
SK100 SK120-3-5-6 SK125 SK160 SK200-1-3-5-6-8
SK210 SK220-3-6 SK230 SK250 SK260
SK300-3-6 SK320 SK330 SK400 SK480
DAEWOO DH55 DH60 DH80 DH130 DH150
DH200 DH220 DH215 DH220 DH258
DH280 DH300 DH360 DH370-9 DH400
DH420 DH500 UH07 K907C  
HYUNDAI R60 R80 R130-5-7 R150 R200
R200-5 R210 R210-7 R215-7 R220-5
R225-7 R260-5 R265 R290 R300-5
R305 R320 R385 R420 R450-3-5
VOLV O EC55B EC140B EC210 EC240 EC290B
EC290B PRIME EC360 EC460 EC700  
KUBOTA KX35 KX50 KX85 KX135 KX155
DOOSAN DX60 DX200 DX300 DX340  

We Can Provide Swing Gearbox Models

CAT320C DH258 LG240 SK200-8 ZAX200 Sany 135
DH60 EC210B LG936 SK250-8 ZAX230 Sany 365
DH80 EC460 R210-7 SK260-8 ZAX240-3 XCMG 150
DH150-R130 LD200 SH200 SK350-8 ZAX330-1 XCMG 215
DH225 LG225 SK200-6E      

We Can Provide Swing Motor Part Number

M5X130(Flange interface) M5X130(Threaded interface) MSG-27P SK250-8 SG08-12T ZAX330-1-16T-M5X180
JMF29 EC460-M5X130Thread MSG-44P SK260-8 SG08-14 135 M2X63-14T
JMF43 LD200 M5X130-19T R210-7 M2X150-12 holes SK350-8 M5X180 365 M5X180
M2X63-16T LG225 M5X130-19T SH200 SG08-13T ZAX200 M5X130  150 M2X63-16T
M2X150-16T-16holes LG240 M5X180 SK200-6E M5X130 ZAX230-M5X130  215-M5X130 thread
M2X150 LG936 M5X180 SK200-8 M5X130 ZAX240-3 M5X130  

Company Profile

HangZhou Xihu (West Lake) Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd

HangZhou Xihu (West Lake) Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. Our company was established in 2011. Xihu (West Lake) is a professional spare parts manufacturer and reliable supplier, providing almost all spare parts for various models rock breakers. Specializes in: Excavator accessories Hydraulic breaker accessories Breaker Spare Parts Suitable for the brands: SOOSAN, FURUKAWA, KRUPP, ATLAS-COPCO, EDT, JCB, NPK, , HANWOO, TOKU, FINE, OKADA, XIHU (WEST LAKE) DIS., MONTABERT, INDECO, KWANGLIM, RAMMER, KONAN, KOMATU, GENERAL etc. Excavator Spare Parts Suitable for the brands: CAT, KOMATU, HITACHI, VOLVO, KOBELCO, CASE, SUMITOMO, DOOSA, NHYUNDAI, SANY, XG ect. The logistics in HangZhou is very convenient that we deliver goods to the whole world.

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After-sales Service: on Line
Warranty: 3 Months
Type: Swing Gearbox
Application: Excavator
Certification: CE, ISO9001: 2000
Condition: New


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Different Types of Gearboxes and Their Applications

There are several types of gearboxes, each designed for specific applications based on their characteristics and capabilities. Here are some common types and their applications:

  • Spur Gearbox: Spur gearboxes consist of parallel-shaft gears with straight teeth. They are simple and economical, suitable for low-speed and low-torque applications such as conveyors, machine tools, and clocks.
  • Helical Gearbox: Helical gearboxes have helical teeth that provide smoother and quieter operation compared to spur gears. They are used in various industries, including automotive, construction, and mining equipment.
  • Bevel Gearbox: Bevel gearboxes transmit power between non-parallel shafts. They are commonly used in vehicles, marine applications, and heavy machinery where changing the direction of motion is necessary.
  • Planetary Gearbox: Planetary gearboxes offer high torque density and compact size. They are used in robotics, automation, and precision machinery due to their efficiency and versatility.
  • Worm Gearbox: Worm gearboxes have a worm screw meshing with a gear wheel. They provide high reduction ratios and are used in applications like conveyor systems, elevators, and packaging equipment.
  • Cycloidal Gearbox: Cycloidal gearboxes use cams and pins for motion transmission, making them highly durable and shock-resistant. They find use in industrial machinery and robotics.
  • Spiral Bevel Gearbox: Spiral bevel gearboxes combine the advantages of bevel and helical gears, providing high efficiency and smooth operation. They are employed in vehicles, aircraft, and machine tools.

Each type of gearbox offers specific advantages suited to its application, enabling efficient power transmission and control in various industries.

China manufacturer Excavator Swing Reducer E320c E320d Excavator Slewing Swing Reduction Swing Gearbox   comer gearbox	China manufacturer Excavator Swing Reducer E320c E320d Excavator Slewing Swing Reduction Swing Gearbox   comer gearbox
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